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We can remove the Apple wallet
For residents of the Russian Federation there is a small benefit in this release, now you can free a little memory for the device, since as most residents used a wallet for contactless payments, and Apple Pay is not working in Russia now. The initiative itself can add such an opportunity to have something to do with antimonopoly control in the EU.

Battery charge indicator
Having received a sufficient number of criticism in the initial issue of iOS 16, Apple changed the behavior of a new indicator of the battery charge. Now the battery icon will gradually be filled and devastated depending on how much the charge is left, even with a percentage display. In iOS 16.0, the icon remained filled until it dropped below 20 percent.

Download the content in the application before the first launch of applications (For Developers)
Now the App Store has a setting that allows applications to load content before their first launch. If this parameter is turned on, applications can work in the background to download content even before you run the application for the first time. Settings are available on the path of Settings-> App Store for “In-App Content”. You will notice changes mainly in games and navigation applications, which requires a lot of resources for proper work. After installing the iOS 16.1 update, this switch should be turned on by default.

What does the screen look before and after update 16.1
General ICLOUD photo library
After disappearing from beta versions immediately before the launch of iOS 16, the general library of ICLOD photos returned.

If you use the “Family Access” function to share content with your children and other family members, the general ICLOUD photo library is another function that you can use now. This is a separate media, which can share up to five users, and everyone can add, edit, add to favorites, add signatures and delete content.

You can include all your photos in the general library or use the settings tools to enable only certain content based on the date of the beginning or group of people. People can also add content manually or automatically exchange media files using the switch in the Camera application, using the Bluetooth trigger or by exchanging sentences in For You.

Content from your general ICLOUD photographs can be displayed in the “Photos” widget, in the “Selected Photos” section in the “For You” section or in the form of a video for memory.

I listed you the main functions that we will see in the new IOS version, several more functions, according to Apple, will appear later this year, which are not yet fully implemented in iOS 16.1. But that’s another story. I believe that when you know about the functions, you begin to use them. Therefore, I hope the article was useful for you

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