How it will be without IDFA with Skadnetwork:

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2) The user opens Tiktok, sees an advertisement for the advertised application, after which it sets it. In accordance with the conversion value, the current value is 0. The 24-hour timer is launched;

3) within four hours after installation, the user is recorded (that is, values ​​1), this drops a 24-hour timer;

4) passes 22 hours, the user carries out “adding to the basket”. The current value changes to the 2nd, 24-hour timer is again dumped;

5) In an hour, the user makes a purchase. The value changes to 3, the 24-hour timer is again activated;

6) There are no other events in these 24 hours. The value is blocked at 3. Now the “random delay” begins;

7) in an unknown period of time (up to 24 hours from the moment of the last timer), one anonymized postback, which bears 3, will be sent from the device to Tiktok for Business.

This example is extremely idealized. However, it is based on the fact that all further events in the application occur as part of the achievement of the 24th timer. It is important to note that the transition to the new world of Skadnetwork can very much affect the transfer of data on events performed outside 48 hours after installation.

Once again, we note that to predict the actual effect of the transition to a new attribute model for mobile marketing is still difficult

6 best iOS functions in recent years

Despite the fact that Apple annually releases iOS with new functions, you are unlikely to remember that it appeared special in iOS 13 or iOS 8. In fact, almost every version of the operating system is remembered stronger than the rest, simply due to an abundance Annual updates are the feeling that nothing changes, which, of course, is not so: pick up the phone with iOS 10 and iOS 16 – you will see that the smartphone with an older version of the OS is no longer so simple. Today we recall the 6 best iOS functions that have appeared in recent years.

What is security check in iOS 16

Many were remembered by a new operating room only thanks to the updated lock screen, but if you rummage well, you can find more useful things. For example, security verification: this year, Apple improved the safety of their devices and took care of those who are over time encountered domestic violence.

Alas, many suffer from this, but the Copertines tried to help at least somehow. Now the injured user will be able to quickly protect his data from an aggressive partner, ceasing to share with him photos, geolocation, sites data and other important information.

Let’s hope this function will not be useful to anyone

By going to this item, you can find an emergency reset there in order to disable other people’s access to your account or location or check who it has through “access control”. It may seem that this is pampering, but this is a real concern for their users, which is so lacking in manufacturers of any type of equipment in the 21st century.

AirPods switching between devices

Airpods headphones do not leave anyone indifferent, and other manufacturers are still equal to them, considering the standard. But they can never copy some chips, for example, automatic switching between devices. It works very simply: for example, you listen to the music on the iPhone, but you receive a call to Facetime, which you decide to answer with the iPad, the headphones simply switch at the moment when you unlock it.

Quick switching is another advantage of AirPods over other headphones

Or it will be elementary when you decide to watch the video. It would seem such a trifle, but nice. Sometimes, of course, she drives a little crazy and the music stops when switching to another gadget, but you somehow get used to it quickly. Still, it is much easier than to manually set the connection on another gadget for a short period of time, agree? A trifle, but nice: this is how Apple magic works.

AirPods check for originality

When IOS 16 came out, Apple has uneasy Chinese marriage and sellers: now your iPhone will determine whether you were sold in the electronics store! If you still run into a copy, when connecting on the screen, a sign will appear that reports that AirPods could not be checked for originality. Considering that now in the market at 90% is fakes, a new feature will lead at least some order, because it is almost impossible to make sure of their authenticity on their own.

I myself bought fake Airpods purely out of interest: they sound good, quickly connected with an iPhone – at some point I even forgot that I use a cheap copy for 3 thousand rubles, and not the original. In any case, until the concerns come up with a way to go around this protection, you have time to buy really original headphones and not worry about this.

How to share Wi-Fi on iPhone

Share Wi-Fi is very easy. It’s good that this function is!

If previous functions appeared relatively recently, then the ability to share Wi-Fi was announced in iOS 11, and this, for a minute, is already 2017! Exactly from that moment, coming to visit, you no longer need to frantically enter a password from a dozen characters, among which the capital letters may turn out to be, and the letter “Es is the dollar”, and the owner of the house will not need to remember the password that he is in I have not seen my eyes for a couple of years. It is enough to turn on Bluetooth on both smartphones and add a person to contacts, then bring the devices to each other – and again the magic of Apple in action!

Focusing in the iPhone

Many know focusing as the “do not bother” mode, but in reality it is much smarter: the chip appeared in iOS 15 – the very one that users did not want to install so much. There are several different profiles in the system, so to speak, for all occasions: for work, sleep, personal affairs.