Do you need to pay for iOS development?

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Do You Need to Pay for iOS Development?

Are you thinking about developing an iOS app but wondering how much money it will cost you? While the cost of developing an iOS app can vary, there are some general guidelines you should consider when budgeting for your iOS project. This article will cover the different aspects of iOS app development and how much you should expect to pay for each.

1. Professional Development Services

The most important investment you will make in your iOS app is the cost of professional development services. Professional iOS developers can cost anywhere from $50-$150 per hour, depending on their experience and the complexity of the project. If you have a complicated app, you should budget for more experienced developers who can handle the task. A simple app might cost you less than $10,000, while a more complex app could cost upwards of $50,000 or more.

2. Design and User Experience

While the cost of design and user experience can vary, you should budget for at least $10,000 for a basic app. Higher quality designs can cost more, depending on the complexity of the app. You should also consider the cost of user testing, which can be pricey depending on the scope of the project.

3. Platform Fees

When developing an iOS app, you will need to pay for the Apple Developer Program, which can cost up to $99 per year. You should also consider the cost of any third-party tools and services you will need to use for your project.


The cost of developing an iOS app can vary greatly depending on the scope and complexity of the project. You should budget for professional development services, design and user experience, and platform fees. By taking these factors into account, you can better estimate the cost of your iOS project and plan accordingly.